First Dvalin module finished in record time

The Dvalin project achieved an important milestone on Monday, 23 April, when the 577-tonne H25 module was transported out of the North Sea Hall at Aibel in Haugesund. The module is now leaving the yard on its journey to the Heidrun platform.

Dvalin H25 sailaway
The H25 module ready for departure from Aibel's yard in Haugesund on Tuesday 8 May. Photo: Aibel.

Since the rollout from the North Sea Hall, the module has been docked in Haugesund for preparation for further transport. Today, the journey continues to Mekjarvik, where the Saipem heavy lifting vessel will carry the module to the Heidrun platform for installation. Together with the M40 module, the module will enable the Heidrun platform to receive the gas production from the Dvalin field.

Record-fast completion and high HSE standards

Prefabrication started on 1 August last year, while actual construction of the module commenced in the North Sea Hall in January of this year. In a record time of eight months, the complex module was completed with the desired quality on 28 March.

“This wouldn't have been possible without a dedicated and skilled team. With daily coordination meetings, based on lean principles, challenges have been resolved quickly and efficiently,” says construction manager Tom Falkeid, who has been in charge of the assembly of the module.

Because the record pace has not compromised safety, the construction manager can also refer to excellent HSE statistics.

“Many activities have been carried out in a confined space during the construction and installation of H25. We have therefore had a major focus on simultaneous activities and avoiding falling objects. Thanks to the careful attention to HSE by the entire construction team, the project has been carried out without serious incidents or personal injuries,” says Falkeid.

Fast Track engineering

A prerequisite for successful construction was a high degree of completion from the engineering team prior to commencement of fabrication and access to materials. For H25, all IFC drawings were issued in ten months, i.e. before commencement of prefabrication. In addition, materials coverage has been good and equipment has arrived on time.

Aibel Project Manager Jon Garborg commends the fantastic efforts invested by everyone in the project in order to arrive at the finish line in the short time provided.

“This has been achieved in parallel with the major modification work on Heidrun and also the M40 module, which will be the next delivery. Here, all the construction drawings have been issued and the fabrication work is well underway. Completion of the 4,000-tonne module is scheduled for March 2019,” says Garborg.

Facts about Dvalin

The Dvalin gas field is located in the Norwegian Sea about 15 kilometres north-west of the Statoil-operated Heidrun platform and 290 kilometres from the Nyhamna process plant. DEA submitted the plan for development and operation of the Dvalin field to the Norwegian authorities in October 2016, and the plan was approved in March 2017. The first gas from the field is expected in 2020.

Aibel is responsible for the modification project that will ensure that the Heidrun platform can accept gas production from the Dvalin field. The contract includes engineering, procurement, construction work and installation, including the two M40 and H25 modules.