Great ride for SEP module

On Saturday, the module for the Snorre A platform was picked up from quayside at Aibel's yard in Haugesund by the world's largest crane lifting vessel.

Løft SEP og Sleipnir Nordsjøhallen Øyvind Sætre
The world's largest crane wessel Sleipnir is lifting the SEP module in front of the North Sea Hall in Haugesund. Photo Øyvind Sætre/Aibel.

It was a spectacular sight when the 220-metre long and 102-metre wide vessel Sleipnir on Saturday arrived at Aibel's yard in Haugesund to pick up the approx. 600-tonne Riser Hang Off module for the Snorre Expansion Project (SEP). The lift was performed as planned without any problems.

Sleipnir ankommer Haugesund Øyvind Gravås og Bo B Randulff
The world's largest crane vessel arriving Haugesund. Photo: Øyvind Gravås and Bo B. Randulff

“It was impressive to see how the module suddenly became very small compared to Sleipnir. At the same time, it was very satisfying to complete a well-executed lift and secure another important milestone for the project during this special time. There are many who have worked hard and long to achieve this and who deserve great praise for their efforts," says project manager for the Snorre Expansion Project in Aibel, Tone Dalum.

Løft SEP og Sleipnir Tone Dalum Øyvind Sætre
Aibel's project manager Tone Dalum. Photo: Øyvind Sætre/Aibel.

The Riser Hang Off module is constructed at Aibel's yard in Haugesund. Prefabrication began in January 2019 and assembly of the sections started in mid-July. During the following six months, Aibel has assembled, equipped and completed the module until mechanical completion on 1 February 2020. In early March, it was loaded out of the North Sea Hall and prepared for pick-up.

Sleipnir løfter SEP Øyvind Gravås og Bo B Randulff
Sleipnir lifting the SEP module at Aibel's yard. Photo: Øyvind Gravås and Bo B. Randulff

The module is now awaiting an optimal weather window for transport and installation offshore on the Snorre A platform, where it will connect the risers that will receive oil from the new wells on the Snorre field up to the platform. Scheduled production start-up at Snorre A is Q1 2021.

Sleipnir ankomst Haugesund Øyvind Sætre
The giant vessel made the city of Haugesund look small. Photo: Øyvind Sætre/Aibel.
Video: Øyvind Gravås and Bo B. Randulff