M11 arrives at Haugesund

On 17 May all flags are hoisted when the Troll module M11 arrives at Haugesund. According to schedule, the ship with the 23 metre high Troll module will come alongside the quay early in the afternoon.

M42 A4408
Photo: K. Piyawat.

“Yes, it will be quite a reception,” says Project Manager Bruce McPherson, who has led the Troll 3&4 compressor project since the contract was signed in autumn 2011.

The module will lie alongside the quay in Haugesund until early June. During this period, the crane will be installed on the module. For this operation a floating lifting vessel has been hired.

Praise of Thailand

“We started up in Laem Chabang in January last year. Our organisation in Thailand has done a great job and has delivered a module of high quality. In addition, they have obtained good safety results,” says McPherson.

McPherson adds that the module has been commissioned in Thailand in accordance with work scope and plan of progress. This means that Aibel is not lacking behind with carry-over work to be performed in Haugesund – apart from the already planned work scope.

By mid-April everything was ready for the long journey from Thailand to Norway and Haugesund, a journey which went without any problems. Early in June, the module will be shipped to Troll A, where it will be lifted on board the platform.

The first of the three modules, M12, was installed at the field in mid-June last year.

The M11 module is one of three new modules for the Troll A platform. Photo: Olav Heggø/Aibel.

Three modules

The intention with the project is to extend the capacity for gas compression on Troll A, which is able to produce gas for approximately 250 million NOK every day. In total, the platform is being upgraded with a compression module, a utility module and an electro module in order to receive electricity from ashore. When the project is complete, Troll will maintain the supply of gas from the field, even if the pressure in the reservoir falls as the gas is being drawn.