Record lift at Haugesund yard

Today, the Johan Sverdrup P2 project carried out the heaviest lift ever performed in the North Sea Hall, when the first section of the second deck of the Upper Process Module (UPM) was lifted into place. A lift of 322.3 tonnes.

Medium Aibel JSP2 UPM521 310320 1950
All photos: Aibel/Øyvind Sætre.

The maximum load for this lift with the current cranes in the North Sea Hall is 323 tonnes.

"Here the cranes and equipment in the North Sea Hall were really put to the test. Fortunately, everything worked out great. At the same time, our skilled and focused team deserves great praise for a well-executed and controlled lift," says Bjørn Pedersen, Construction Manager for the Johan Sverdrup P2 project in Haugesund.

The section was maximally pre-equipped with piping, lifting beams and other equipment before it was lifted. This helps to ensure good progress in the project.

Good planning and good attitude

The record lift has required very accurate planning by all parties involved, including engineering, work preparation and job planning.

“The JSP2 project has had a good month of progress in March despite the Covid-19 infection and the measures introduced in the countries where we operate (Norway, Singapore, Thailand and Spain), as well as in all the countries we receive materials and equipment from. It is particularly gratifying to see that the production continues in Thailand and Haugesund with high activity. This shows that we have a competent and flexible organization, which in a record time managed to turn around in order for us to continue project execution almost as planned,” says Aibel's Project Director for the JSP2 project, Stig Jessen.

"We are proud of the work done with full focus on "normal" HSE as well as the special precautions due to the Corona virus. It is gratifying to see such good attitudes and so many people looking after each other in these difficult times," concludes Pedersen.

Medium Aibel JSP2 UPM521 310320 1740
Medium Aibel JSP2 UPM521 310320 2021
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