Satisfied apprentices

Almost all of those who take up apprenticeships at Aibel gain permanent employment. See what three of them think about their new careers.

Larlinger front
All Photos: Øyvind Sætre/Aibel.

In the course of 2016, Aibel trained a total of 34 new skilled workers. This year the plan is to accept 24 new apprentices in mechanical disciplines and 15 new apprentices in white disciplines. A total of 300 apprentices have gained their certificates through the apprenticeship scheme at Aibel since 2010.

We have spoken with three new skilled workers: How has their apprenticeship experience been, and what are they looking forward to when they start their careers at Aibel?

Glenn Marius Dokken Haugen (20)

Larling Glenn Marius

In February he received his certificate as a welder. Now he's employed at the yard in Haugesund and is helping build the Johan Sverdrup platform.

"The time as an apprentice was a good experience. Here at the yard they are good at making sure we get to do new things all the time. My sponsor was strict, yet fair and a very good teacher. He taught to me work quickly, yet safely, accurately and well. We could always relax when we were done."

"I still feel that I learn new things all the time. I'm considering trying for a second certificate, as a sheet metal worker. With a certificate in both disciplines you take part in the entire process of creating something from scratch and then welding it together. I would also like to try working offshore. Since I have taken part in welding together parts of the Sverdrup platform from the start, it would be interesting to be a part of finishing the job at sea."

Peder Atillo Nappen (20)

Larling Peder Atillo

He recently received his certificate as a sheet metal worker. He currently works in Skipsbyggerhallen, where he has also spent much of his apprenticeship at Aibel.

"It has been very instructive and I've gained loads of experience. In Skipsbyggerhallen i have worked on decks, frames and railings. I really have been involved in just about everything. I have been building, heat straightening and assembling. I'm very pleased! I have also spent time in Smistadhallen, where we cut sheets on the flame cutting machine, and in the “smithy” on pipe support."

"What I find most interesting is all the opportunities I have here. It's especially interesting to travel around to different locations. I want to work in Haugesund for another two years to really get to know things well and develop my expertise. Then I want to move around a bit, maybe try out Hammerfest, and of course I really want to see how it is to work in the North Sea. The opportunity will arise when things pick up again."

Dan William Lanton Johnsen (21)

Larling Dan William

He has a certificate in automation and is currently working at the on shore power facility at Kårstø.

"Work during the apprenticeship was diverse and interesting. I feel we have been given the chance to try both big and small challenges. Among other things, it was great to travel offshore, when I worked on hooking up Ivar Aasen. I have also worked on the DolWin platform when it was berthed in Haugesund, and now I'm at Kårstø – and I'm happy everywhere. The working environment at Aibel is really good."

"At the moment I like it just as well offshore as onshore. It's fun to try out different things. In the time ahead I hope to be a part of hooking up Johan Sverdrup. I've always wanted to work offshore, and I hope there will be more trips. In time I want to earn another certificate in electricity and electronics."