Significant milestone for the Johan Sverdrup project

In mid-January Aibel reached the important milestone of mechanical completion on the Johan Sverdrup drilling platform. The project is currently in the final commissioning stage.

Aibel HMS 1463
All photos: Øyvind Sætre/Aibel.

This milestone means that Aibel has completed a large part of the work on the platform and has submitted more than 76,000 so-called checklists to Statoil. In order to reach this stage, the entire project has worked determinedly towards the date of mechanical completion, which was a condition of the contract signed in February 2015.

Aibel HMS 1398
The project arranged a gathering on 1 February with main focus on safety during the commissioning phase. The event also marked the milestone.

“They’ve done a great job in Haugesund in recent months. At the same time, it’s a milestone we couldn’t have reached without a dedicated effort from all 4,500 employees, who for three years have been focused on delivering a good product. I’m really proud of that,” says Aibel’s project director for the Johan Sverdrup drilling platform, Stig Jessen.

Aibel HMS 1379
A proud project director Stig Jessen thanked everyone for their efforts and reminded everyone of the importance of safety and quality in the months ahead.

Not done yet

Although Statoil now is taking over more and more of the platform and starting testing and completion of the on-board installation, Aibel is far from finished with its work. In the end of January two huge 182 ton platform cranes were hoisted into place, and are now to be linked up. There are also some minor tasks in painting, insulation and installation of equipment that could not be done until the platform cranes were in place.

Aibel Kranlft 260118 0917
On Thursday 25 and Friday 26 January the two platform cranes were hoisted on board the Johan Sverdrup drilling platform. Each crane measures 69 x 18,5 metres and weighs 182 tons. Each hoist took around 12 hours.

“There will still be tasks for all disciplines, but with less scope. Going forward there will be focus on commissioning and testing, where we’ll assist Statoil with implementing any changes and adjustments to the installation,” explains Aibel’s construction manager, Bjørn Pedersen.

According to plan, the finished drilling platform for the Johan Sverdrup field will leave Aibel’s yard in Haugesund in the turn of the month May/June.

Bilde 3
In January mechanical completion of the Johan Sverdrup drilling platform was celebrated with cake at Aibel’s locations in Haugesund and Oslo.

Aibel has also been awarded the contract for the hook-up of the drilling platform at the Sverdrup field. Here, close collaboration and preparatory activities are ongoing up to completion. Subsequently, an intensive offshore phase will start for Aibel’s team, which will comprise up to 600 members in rotation up to the summer of 2019.