Something to be proud of!

After the final cable had been removed, the Gudrun deck started its journey towards the field at 16:30. For the project organisation this signals the end of a busy period.

Aibel Gudrun Sail Away 1722
Aibel and Statoil workers celebrated the departure of Gudrun. All photos: Øyvind Sætre/Aibel.

"We are incredibly proud of the Gudrun deck and the work we have done, not least when we look at the fantastic safety statistics. Aibel's execution model means that we have all chipped in to carry the load, across locations, disciplines and countries," says Jon Garborg, Project Manager for the Gudrun deck. He gave thanks to the around 7,000 people who have contributed during the three-year project period, which has spanned a total of 9 million working hours.

Celebrations in Haugesund

Several hundred people made their way to the quay to celebrate the completion and the departure from Haugesund. The towing vessels were already in position in the sea and stood ready to tow the barge to the field. The final, hectic efforts were being completed on board Gudrun.

Aibel Gudrun Sail Away 1653
Aibel and Statoil signed the documents.

A simple ceremony marked the completion of the Gudrun project in Haugesund. The client, Statoil, and Aibel signed the delivery documents on the quayside to symbolise the final handover. The Aibel flag was then lowered and the Statoil flag took its place.

Ståle Nordal from Statoil accepted the Gudrun deck and thanked Aibel for their excellent efforts.

"We have great respect for the job Aibel has done. They have managed the task within the given timeframe. And it is a huge positive that all planned work has been completed before Gudrun was due to leave Haugesund," Nordal said, before praising the safety statistics.

The mooring lines are loosened and the towing vessels take control of the Gudrun barge as she makes her way from the quayside.

Aibel Gudrun Sail Away 1764
The mooring lines were cutted by Ståle Nordal from Statoil.

Next stage

This Friday, the Gudrun deck is due to be lifted onto the pre-installed undercarriage. The project will then enter the "hook-up" phase, during which all systems will be connected and tested. Aibel will also participate in this phase.

In August, the living quarters will be used for the first time. Production is scheduled to start in the Gudrun field in the first quarter of 2014.

Aibel Gudrun Sail Away 4357
The towing vessels take Gudrun to the field in the North Sea.