Sverdrup module sees the light of day

On Saturday morning, the drilling support module (DSM) was moved out of the North Sea Hall in Haugesund and onto the barge that will carry the module to Klosterfjorden later this month.

Aibel Loadout DSM 190817 4383
Early Saturday morning, the approx. 8,000 tons heavy Drilling Support Module started rolling out of the North Sea Hall in Haugesund. All photos: Øyvind Sætre/Aibel.

In Klosterfjorden, the DSM will be connected with the other two modules, which together will comprise the drilling platform for the Johan Sverdrup field. Work on the module in Haugesund started in February 2016 when the first steel was cut. Just one and half year later, the approx. 8,000 tons module is complete. It was a proud moment for construction manager Bjørn Pedersen, when the module was rolled out into the day light.

“An enormous effort has been put into this. It has been a privilege to work with so many qualified people. We have a unique expertise, and everyone involved has played an important part in reaching yet another milestone on time,” Pedersen says.

Aibel Loadout DSM 190817 4134
There were only ten centimeters’ clearance from the top of the module to the upper door casing of the North Sea Hall.

The moving of the module went slowly, but safely. During construction, the giant module has almost reached the roof of the North Sea Hall. This leaves only ten centimeters’ clearance from the top of the module to the upper door casing of the assembly hall.

“It was a very successful operation. Everything went smooth and controlled without delays. It was nice to complete with such a good result before the many comprehensive operations that will follow in the weeks to come. This shows that the planning is good and we are on track,” says Aibel’s manager for the marine operations in the Johan Sverdrup project, Anne H. Kindlihagen.

Aibel Loadout DSM 190817 4292
1152 wheels were used to move the module. Just before 4 p.m. on Saturday, the module was safely placed on board the barge that will carry it to Klosterfjorden.

Now the module will lie alongside the quay in Haugesund, where it will be cleaned and welded onto the barge. Two large pedestals will also be lifted on board before the module heads towards Klosterfjorden by the end of the month.