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Haugesund yard

Aibel AS
Jens Risøensgt. 72,
5504 Haugesund, Norway
Tel.: 08527 | Tel. Int'l: (+47) 85 27 00 00 | Fax: (+47) 52 80 20 00

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Offering services based on more than a hundred years of experience

The Haugesund yard boasts over 100 years of industrial history and is today one of the largest yards in Norway. It is located on the island of Risøy in the centre of Haugesund and covers 234,000 square metres. It includes a dry dock, a safety training centre, its own welding school, an engineering workshop, several production halls, a warehouse and two large office buildings.

The central area is dominated by the huge North Sea Hall, used for the assembly of topsides and modules. Since it was built in 1983, it has been seen as a landmark in Haugesund. The fact that construction can take place indoors gives a number of advantages in safety, efficiency and quality.

The equipment at the yard is state of the art. For example, Aibel uses CNC-operated machines for cutting sheets and profiles. At the yard's own welding school, Aibel’s welders are introduced to the latest welding technology, such as robotic welding, plasma and automatic TIG welding. Continuous technological development has enabled the yard to work more and more effectively and improve the quality of our deliveries.

The Haugesund yard currently provides construction and assembly services for almost all the Aibel projects. In addition, it carries out its own construction projects and provides services for the upgrading and maintenance of ships, FPSO vessels and rigs.

Facts about the yard

Capacity: 12,000 tonnes

6-7 million man-hours per year

Full service yard

Electrical, instrumentation, telecom, automation, welding, NDE, machining, completion and mc/commissioning.

Fabrication, assembly and ISPS area

Indoor production, storage space, offices, accommodation, surface protection shops, canteens, training centre, outdoor storage and assembly areas.

Area: 234,000 m2

Lifting capacity: indoor 300 tonnes, outdoor 75 tonnes

Load-out jetty: 65 x 60 metres

Bearing capacity: 40t/m2

Quay area: 600 m., 8 – 25 m. water depth

Semi rigs can be moored quayside, and there is room for two rigs at a time. The yard has facilities with gravel banks for jack-up rigs. An area for marine assembly of decks is 200 metres from the quay at about 50 m. depth.