Notification regarding the Corona/COVID-19 situation

With reference to the Corona/Covid-19 virus outbreak, we would like to share the following information:

On 17 March the Norwegian Institute of Public Health issued new requirements whereby it extended its quarantine requirements to include all persons who have been travelling abroad after February 27.

Aibel follows the requirements from the Norwegian institute of Public Health. As a result of this, we ask our employees, customers, suppliers and contractors to adhere to the following requirements, applicable for all Aibel’s locations in Norway:

  • No work in, or business visits to, our locations within 10 days after returning from a country abroad. This also applies to visitors to all our locations.

In addition, suppliers and contractors are expected to follow guidelines from WHO and/or relevant National Health Authorities.

Please be aware that our customers also have additional requirements. Follow the links below to get the latest updates.

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