Aibel is committed to balancing the company’s economic sustainability alongside its social and environmental responsibilities.

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Proud to contribute to reducing emissions

Aibel has a long history as an oil service company and is now in a leading position within the electrification of offshore and onshore oil and gas infrastructure in Norway. The company is also a leading supplier in the European offshore wind segment. We are proud to contribute to reducing emissions in line with industry ambitions.

We positioned the company within offshore wind over a decade ago and continue to expand our portfolio. Aibel now has an order backlog of about 50% linked to renewable energy.

Our goal is to operate with efficient use of materials and energy, with low waste generation and minimal negative impact on the environment.

Working to protect the habitat where we operate is a core commitment to Aibel. We will meet or exceed applicable laws and regulations, and we are committed to minimising any damage to the environment arising from our activities.

We strive to improve our environmental performance through resource conservation and efficient service practices, and we measure our results.

Aibel encourages the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.

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