Health, Safety and Well-being

Our strategy is to drive safety performance towards Aibel’s zero target.

Lavoppl selig Aibel Statoil HMS 3

Always home safely

Aibel has established common approaches, targets and focus areas that contribute to achieving the overall goals of zero major accidents, zero injuries and no unwanted incidents in our daily work.

Working towards this goal, Aibel initiated a common safety charter with other companies in the energy industry. We work by the life-saving rules made for the Norwegian shelf and put focus on several HSE topics throughout the year.

Our goal is to avoid all incidents, not have any injuries, and to protect values and the environment. All work is to be performed in a safe manner. We will make sure that employees and subcontractors acknowledge responsibility for their own safety and those working with them.

We perform our activities in a way that ensures a sound working environment, health and well-being.

HSE - My responsibility

Aibel has developed the programme “HSE – My responsibility” to provide a common understanding of the responsibility everyone has regarding HSE. All employees, subcontractors and hired-in personnel complete an e-learning module, and managers and leading personnel in projects go through an additional module.

We are committed to making a safe and inspiring work environment, where our employees always come home safely.

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