Students and Graduates

Every year, Aibel employs new graduates, offers exciting summer internships, and the possibility for students to write their Bachelor's or Master's thesis with us.

Graduates group

Every year, Aibel employs graduates as part of our strategy and commitment to offer opportunities for the future generation.

As a new employee at Aibel, you will quickly be a valuable resource to our company. We want to use your expertise and talent right from the start as an important contribution to our business. In return, we will give you the opportunity to realise your own potential and start an exciting career path within Aibel.

Aibel aims to hire many eager and motivated graduates for 2024 across different disciplines and locations.

Our graduate hiring process



Application deadline

Submit your application before 20 November.


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During January to February, the candidates will be asked to join us for an interview.



Offers and hires

During February you might receive your employment offer. Welcome onboard!


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You will soon start your Graduate position in Aibel. To make sure you have all the information you need, you will receive a digital welcome package.


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To give you the warmest welcome possible, you will be assigned a "buddy" and receive training relevant for your position.