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At Aibel every project execution is equaly important, and they all have various phases.

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Project phases

Here you can read more about the various project phases (EPCIC) and how we work to keep all projects on track.


Through concept studies and Front End Engineering Design (FEED) studies, Aibel reveals opportunities and helps customers to find the optimum solution for their project. We ensure that our recommendations are tailored to our customers’ criteria.

With our many years of experience in the industry, we have specialised expertise in requirements, standards, challenges and sustainable solutions for both Norwegian and international operations. Previous projects include concept studies and solutions for FPSO vessels, the development of high-pressure, high-temperature condensate and gas fields, increased oil recovery, wind farms and onshore facilities.


Engineering is the cornerstone of Aibel’s business. Our engineering services cover all disciplines, enabling us to perform a broad spectrum of tasks. Our engineers are involved in all phases of a project, but perhaps most notably when the detailed engineering begins. In this phase, every aspect of the project is elaborated. Using modelling, drawings and specifications, a complete description will be drawn up; this will include e.g. material requirements, objectives and specifications of lifetime.


Procurement of products and materials is critical to keep projects on track. Delays in deliveries can have a major impact on the schedule of a project. It is equally important to ensure that all deliveries and products conform to the agreed quality and price, and that all elements included in new installations meet the relevant requirements.

Part of Aibel’s procurement strategy is building a database of preferred suppliers. Any company wishing to become a supplier to Aibel must therefore first pass a pre-qualification process, where the main factors are documented results and compliance with ethical guidelines.


Aibel has two world-class construction yards, one in Laem Chabang in Thailand and the other in Haugesund in Norway. Both yards have the capacity to build and assemble large new modules. The Haugesund yard also carries out prefabrication for Aibel’s maintenance and modification projects.


Successful installation depends on good planning from the very beginning of the project. There are many considerations to make. New parts must be adapted to the existing structure. At Aibel we work with determination to ensure that installations take place as effectively as possible, with minimal impact on other systems and ongoing production.

Modern technology, such as the use of live video transmission, has paved the way for new forms of collaboration between offshore and onshore personnel. This means that more tasks can be solved from onshore and that joint issues can be clarified quickly and effectively.


Commissioning is said to have taken place when the structure, piping, electrical installations, instruments and equipment, as well as interfaces for e.g. piping, are completed, tested and transferred to the customer. In Aibel, we work hard to ensure that all our projects are commissioned on time.

We have developed our own execution model, “Quality in Execution”, where the focus is on risk management, precision and learning. This is a vital tool to ensure optimal execution and ongoing safety awareness in all our work. When a system or part of a system is mechanically complete, the commissioning starts. In this phase, the operative part of the project is tested to ensure that everything works according to agreed requirements and specifications. Aibel is also highly experienced in this type of activity, which is often carried out in close collaboration with the customer.

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