Sustainability reports

Aibel reports and communicates on corporate responsibility in line with the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

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Reporting for the future

The purpose of our sustainability reports is to offer our key stakeholders a more comprehensive and balanced overview of how Aibel manages the areas of corporate responsibility that we consider to be most important for our operations.

In addition, we wish to communicate our commitment, engagement and activities.

Sustainability reports and GRI

We report on sustainability in line with the international recognized Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standard. Our first corporate responsibility report was published in 2018 as a part of the company’s annual report for 2017.

You may download the reports and the accompanying GRI indexes below.

Aibel Sustainability Report 2021 (print version - single pages)
Aibel Sustainability Report 2021 (web version - spread pages)

GRI Index for Sustainability Report 2021

Aibel CR Report 2020
GRI Index for CR Report 2020

Aibel Group Annual Report 2019 - including CR Report 2019
Aibel CR Report 2019
GRI Index for CR Report 2019

Aibel Group Annual Report 2018 - including CR Report 2018
GRI Index for CR Report 2018

Aibel Group Annual Report 2017 - including CR Report 2017

GRI Index for CR Report 2017

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