Bringing Oseberg into the future

Last autumn Aibel submitted a FEED study for Oseberg Vestflanken 2 Brownfield Topside. Now Aibel has also been handed responsibility for the actual implementation phase.

Oseberg field centre
Photo: Øyvind Sætre/Aibel.

Aibel has been awarded the contract for implementation of the Oseberg Vestflanken 2 Brownfield Topside project by Statoil. The contract, which comprises both engineering services, procurement, fabrication and installation, will be headed by Aibel's office in Bergen and is expected to involve up to 60 employees. The contract is valued at more than NOK 200 million.

Two sub-projects

Aibel will perform the necessary operations to make the platforms at Oseberg Field Centre ready to receive the well stream from a new, unmanned wellhead platform (UWP) and new wells from the existing template. In addition, Aibel will carry out modifications to the field centre to make it possible to remotely control and supply the unmanned wellhead platform with power and chemicals.

Useful experience

Aibel's EVP for Modifications, Jan Ståle Skår, says the contract was greeted by cheers.

“The Oseberg contract is a perfect fit for Aibel. Here we can exploit experience from both previous modification contracts on Oseberg and not least several similar connection projects on other fields,” he says.

In October 2015 Aibel submitted a FEED study of the project. Work on the implementation phase starts immediately, and will continue until late autumn 2017.