Second Dogger Bank substation successfully installed

After leaving Aibel's yard in Haugesund in early April, the Dogger Bank B platform is now installed at Dogger Bank Wind Farm.

DBB installation night 2 photo Dogger Bank Wind Farm Ltd
The Dogger Bank B substation on board the Saipem 7000 vessel. All photos: Dogger Bank Wind Farm Ltd.

Dogger Bank, set to become the world’s largest offshore wind farm, has achieved a significant milestone as the second unmanned High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) platform has been installed by Saipem.

The substation is the second of three platforms, each supplied by Aibel, to be installed at Dogger Bank offshore wind farm, which is being constructed in three phases known as A, B, and C, each with a capacity of 1.2GW.

The platform was installed 130km from the UK coastline at Dogger Bank B by Saipem using the Saipem 7000 vessel and features a Hitachi Energy HVDC system developed to transmit power more efficiently than traditional AC systems. The platform will receive 1.2GW of AC power generated by the 95 offshore wind turbines of Dogger Bank B, before converting it to DC for transmission to an onshore converter station located near Beverley in East Riding of Yorkshire.

DBB installation day photo Dogger Bank Wind Farm Ltd

The first platform was installed at Dogger Bank A in April 2023, representing the first time this technology has been used in offshore wind in the UK. All three platforms will be controlled from shore and feature a lean design, resulting in a 70% weight reduction per MW compared to previous platform designs.

Mads Andersen, CEO and President of Aibel said:

“At Aibel, we recognize that our success is not measured solely by the completion of projects but by the lasting impact we leave on the industry. With this major on-time delivery of Dogger Bank B, we mark another important milestone in Aibel’s transition towards a greener industry. This achievement exemplifies the power of collaboration and reflects the enduring partnerships we have cultivated with industry leaders SSE Renewables, Equinor, Vårgrønn, and our esteemed partner, Hitachi Energy.”

Andreas Berthou, Head of HVDC at Hitachi Energy’s Grid Integration business, said:

“The urgent energy transition requires strong collaboration, new business models, and global standards. We are proud to be the technology partner for the Dogger Bank Wind Farm project, with HVDC being the force multiplier for the clean energy transition, increasing access to an energy system that is more sustainable, flexible and secure. This is another significant milestone in securing the UK’s future energy needs, made possible by foresighted partners such as SSE Renewables, Equinor and Vårgrønn that have made the UK a leader in the transition to clean power.”

Measuring 75 meters long x 45 meters wide x 39 meters high, the platform utilises a four-legged steel jacket foundation structure designed and fabricated by Saipem in water depths of around 28 meters.

Gianalberto Secchi, COO of Saipem’s Offshore Wind Business Line, commented:

“We are proud to have contributed to the achievement of this important milestone for the groundbreaking Dogger Bank project, which reaffirms Saipem’s leadership in the offshore industry and our expertise in supporting Clients in the development of offshore wind farms as a key resource for the energy transition worldwide.”

DBB installation night photo Dogger Bank Wind Farm Ltd