DolWin epsilon platform on its way to Haugesund

On 15 October, the HVDC offshore wind convertor platform DolWin epsilon left Seatrium’s yard in Singapore. It is now heading for Aibel in Haugesund for final installation of electrical equipment and commissioning.

20231012 Tenne T Dol Win epsilon float out 5k
All photos: Aibel/Seatrium/TenneT

The DolWin epsilon platform is constructed by consortium partners Aibel and Seatrium as part of the DolWin5 project for the client TenneT. The sailaway from Singapore marks an important milestone and showcases the capabilities of Aibel and Seatrium in the ongoing energy transition.

“We are proud soon to have another HVDC converter platform under our belt. This is the second for TenneT after delivering DolWin beta, our very first offshore wind platform, back in 2015. Since then, we’ve really moved forward within renewables, and this milestone is evidence of both companies’ strong positions and joint ambitions in the green shift,” says President and CEO of Aibel, Mads Andersen.

20231013 Dol Win epsilon anchorage 3k

Next stop Haugesund
The DolWin epsilon platform will now be transported to Aibel’s yard in Haugesund, where it will arrive in the second half of December. Here, Aibel and Hitachi Energy will install the final technical equipment, including the HVDC converter and transformers, prior to commissioning.

“We have a tight schedule to get things done, but we are well-prepared. It is an experienced team in Haugesund, and recently we’ve performed similar operations with Hitachi Energy with great success for the Dogger Bank offshore wind platforms,” says Aibel’s project director, Merete Lia Rønningen.

In Haugesund, it will be a very visible landmark at the quayside along the Dogger Bank B offshore wind platform. It is the first time that Aibel will have two wind platforms at the yard at the same time.

The DolWin epsilon platform is set to leave the yard in Haugesund next summer. Then it will be transported to its final destination in the DolWin cluster in the German North Sea. The platform will have a transmission capacity of 900 megawatts, equivalent to supplying 1.1 million households with green wind power.

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